How to enhance android security?

Android is an open source application but is plagued with myriad security holes. Any hacker can get into your phone’s system by exploiting the vulnerabilities. They do this by injecting a malware from a website or another application. To project your phone from such attacks, you will need an antivirus and antimalware application. The best one out there is the AVG antivirus which is available for both android phones and tablets.

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It is developed by AVG technologies that have been churning out many securities related products for the computers over the past decade. It is admired by computer users and professionals who want to protect their systems from Trojans, viruses and all sorts of adware related stuff. We love the fact that the application is capable of scanning the files before your phone starts downloading data. This means that if the file is infected with viruses, there is less chance that your phone will get infected. That is why it is the top android security download application out there because people use it and trust it on an everyday basis.

If the AVG antivirus feels that there is an attack on your phone’s system from an unknown source, it comes into action immediately and removes or quarantines it so that the malware or virus is not able to do any kind of damage to your phone’s system. People at AVG update it on a regular basis to ensure your android phone is protected at all times.

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Other than antivirus and antimalware feature, AVG antivirus also lets you lock any application and that app is no longer shown in the application drawer. Another excellent and nifty feature is call and SMS block which I use on a regular basis to block annoying marketers. Keep it in mind that to run this feature, you need to be running atleast android 4.4.

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I also use its Chrome data delete feature which let you clear the browsing history and caches with single click. This way there is no trace of websites that one visits. All passwords and cookies are wiped in this process which makes your android phone or tablet more secure.