Installing or Upgrading RAM in the ASUS EEE PC

The 700s(this includes 700 and 701) come with just 512MB of RAM. You may wish to upgrade the RAM in near future especially if you are using XP on it.

Let me clear facts about the RAMs before we install a new RAM module in ASUS EEE PC 700:

  • The RAM in 8G vesion is not upgradable
  • 2G-Surf versions are not upgradable as the RAM is soldered
  • Black 4G-surf versions have RAM access cover. White ones don’t have it
  • Warranty won’t get void if you do a RAM upgrade
  • ASUS won’t be responsible if anything goes wrong when you’re doing a RAM upgrade
  • In Xandros(with which it actually comes with) is hard-coded to recognize upto 1GB of RAM
  • So even if you put in a 2G RAM module, only 1GB will be visible in Xandros

Here are the pictures:

1) Carefully remove the “ASUS” sticker from the RAM access door*. Put it somewhere else so that you can put it again later on incase you want to send it back to Asus in case of some problem.

2) Remove the screws. Take extra care of the ‘holders’ of the RAM chip.

3) Gently, remove the RAM

4) Put in a new RAM. Make sure the holders are correctly placed

5) Put back the RAM access panel and switch on the unit. Press F2 and check if the RAM module was properly recognized.

* I was talking about this sticker(sorry, this picture turned out to be bit blurred)

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