Asus EEE PC will have 3 segments: Ultimate, PRO Fasion and Casual

According to the Engadget,

Asus will soon be offering around 23 models(!) for the consumers.

  • Ultimate: Slim and Light:: These would bring in great competition to the MacBook Air and Lenovo U110, both of which fall in this category
  • PRO Fashion: Precise, Mature and Fancy Touch:: This basically includes some variants of the EEE PC 1000. However, T101 is new there and nothing is known about it
  • Casual: Young, Vivid and Eye Catchy::This includes what we have at the moment. It includes 700 series; 900 series and 1000 series. So, nothing new here? Yes, there is. It talks about the hard-disk version of the 700 series and 30GB SSD version of the 900 series

Personally, I’m looking forward to hear more about S101 and S91. I want to know what is the ultimate range all about. I hope it does not come up as fluke as iMate Ultimate range. Anyone remember all the promises they made and what they came out nearly 2 years later!?

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