Intel 750 U2 Review, Crystal disk, ATTO, Iometer benchmark results

We just had a chance to review the Intel 750 U2 SSD and we were able to run a few benchmark on it. The Intel 750 U2 was tested using U.2 to M2 adapters as it is still quite impossible to find them in online and retail shops. We tested it on a Z710 Extreme 7 motherboard by Asrock and it features three M2 slots. Check out cheapest laptop SSDs of 2015 year.

Intel 750 U2 Review

This motherboard tackles all angles in setting up the UEFI thanks to Intel RST. RAID has been enabled in the BIOS. Other specifications of our PC include Intel Core i7 6700K 4 GHz processor, Corsair Hydro H110i GTX cooler and Windows 10 64 bit operating system.

Crystal Disk benchmark – This is possibly the main benchmark app. In this we achieved excellent results, getting 5.3 GB / s transfer speed.

Here are the results after running ATTO Disk benchmark application. You can notice that the ATTO benchmark app is not very comfortable in testing the NVMe RADIO scenarios and it has not surprised us too. That said we were able to attain pretty speeds of 4GB / s while reading and 3.7 GH / s while writing which are decent enough.

Intel 750 U2 Review benchmark

Some people also wanted to see Iometer results so we thought of testing this out as well. In this, we got 5.3 GB/s read, 3.8 GB/s write speeds which are insanely impressive.

Intel 750 U2 Reviews benchmark

Verdict – Clearly the benchmark of the Intel 750 U2 show the strength of NVMe SSD. We were able to reach throughput of 5.3 GB / s and 755,000 IOPS with three SSDs configured in RAID configuration.