Sonic Dash 2 iPhone Cheats, hack gives you unlimited red, gold rings

Sonic Dash 2 iPhone game is here and so are its cheats, hacks, mod or whatever you want to call them. To install this, you need to jailbreak iPhone, install Cydia and add one repo from where you will be getting this cheat. It is very simple and takes only five minutes.

Sonic Dash 2 iPhone Cheats

This Sonic Dash 2 iPhone cheat will give you unlimited red rings; unlimited gold rings and unlimited tickets. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, fire up cydia and add this repo the sources:

Then search for “Sonicboom Cheats” and install this. Note that this iPhone cheat is for the Sonic Dash 2 and if you are searching for cheats for Sonic Dash 1, then you might this post at will help you.

Make sure you have played the game atleast once. If not, download the Sonic Dash 2 on your iPhone and install it. Play the game for a minute or so and go back to home screen, fire up Cydia and follow the instructions given earlier. Otherwise, this iPhone cheat would not work. I have tested it on v1.0.1 and it was working flawlessly.