Intel Core i5-9400F specifications and the price of this CPU

The successor of one of the most sold CPUs for gaming already has price, frequencies and other quite interesting confirmations. It has been through a store in the Czech Republic where this new processor has made an appearance and where we can confirm details such as its frequency in turbo or its TDP. We are talking about the Intel Core i5-9400F.

Intel Core i5-9400F

One of the most debated points so far in this new series with the “F” tagline was if finally said microprocessors would not include the one so valued by some and reviled by other iGPU.

With the staging of this new contender and according to Suntech confirmed the rumors that were weighing around him, the series “F” will not include the Intel graphics card.

Now it remains to be discovered if this is ultimately due to its complete deactivation in the die or if, on the contrary, it is not included as it is a new manufacturing die and therefore with a different size.

Another point to try and that was partly very logical is the number of active cores.

Like its predecessor, this Intel Core i5-9400F will have 6 cores without HT, which shows that Intel intends again to offer a processor with medium-high performance and at a reasonable price, thus competing within the AMD range for the choice of platform for new PCs.

Its frequencies have taken a slight boost, because although the i5-8400 started from 2.8 GHz and managed to boost its performance thanks to the boost where it managed to reach 4 GHz, this i5-9400F starts from the 2.9 GHz to reach the 4.1 GHz.

A rise of only 100 MHz, although in this type of blocked CPU always comes any MHz that can be achieved.

The cache remains intact, since it carries the 9 MB of L3 that includes the i5-8400 and like this its TDP has been set at 65 watts, which is a surprise.

The support for the RAM also remains unchanged, since it is capable of holding two RAM channels at a base speed of DDR4-2660 MHz.

Although availability date is not specified as in other leaks of other CPUs of the “F” range, if you specify for the first time its price with and without VAT within the European Union.

Thus, this Intel Core i5-9400F without taxes would cost 168.53 euros to the change, while including this tax it will cost 203.88 euros.

Final price that should reach our country as the Czech Republic carries the same general VAT that under our borders, 21%.

The rest of the specifications remain unchanged for the ninth generation of desktop processors: socket 1151 v2, Turbo Boost 2.0, support for Optane, TSX-NI, AVX2 and a more than famous node of 14 nm ++ under the Coffee Lake Refresh architecture.

Interestingly, before finishing this article we have just seen this i5-9400F filtered also in the famous Newegg store, where its price is quite higher as it would rise to $ 314.23 for orders of 2-3 CPUs, while requesting more of 6 its price would drop to 310.23 dollars.

It is expected that these prices are wholesalers for other stores where higher final volume lower price, so we should expect as always better prices in the best known stores of our country, which get more sales share final.