Zotac RTX 2060 AMP! spotted with ITX format, double fans and LEDs

Zotac RTX 2060 AMP (1)

The output of the RTX 2060 to the market seems closer than you might expect. Last week we reported on the leak of the Gigabyte model, where the brand had a continuity line in terms of design, today it has been Zotac where the brand seems to be opting for a design already seen in the RTX series that has the market.

The truth is that the filtering is not surprising, given the continuity and use that Zotac will achieve with these new RTX 2060.

Even so, two different models are proposed that, as far as we are going to see, they only differ in the operating frequencies of each card, since they seem to be totally the same in aesthetics.

Thus, Zotac will at the moment put at least two models called AMP! and Twin Fan, where it is rumored that the latter may lack backplate.

The design is practically the same as that of its RTX 2070 mini, which includes its IceStorn 2.0 dissipation system, where two fans will be responsible for providing the necessary air flow to a dense heat sink, which in principle, will have up to 5 heatpipes of 6 mm thick.

Said dissipater is forged in the best quality aluminum, with an optimum density of fins that will be responsible for dissipating all the heat produced by the chip and the VRM.

The fan fin system was redesigned for the RTX series, as it now provides a new angle of inclination with a new curved shape that maximizes the air flow, maintaining an optimized static pressure and allowing a longer life of the fans. components to be better refrigerated.

As a good gaming graphics card, the LEDs could not be absent. In this case it seems that Zotac is going to resort to its LED Lit system, where a frontal and lateral lighting system in neutral white will put some eye-catching on our chassis.

As in the RTX 2070 version, the form factor of these new RTX 2060 seems to be ITX, something that the more compact chassis will appreciate and where Zotac has been popularizing their GPUs for years based on reducing their size.

Zotac RTX 2060 AMP (2)

It seems, according to the leaks, that according to the photographs these RTX 2060 only need an 8-pin connector for power, so it is very possible that BIOS introduce a Power Limit of up to 225 watts in the most extreme models of the brand.

If the rumors about its consumption are true, this figure is very high and surely the SKUs are lower for these two Zotac, where with 180 watts it would be more than enough to reach the maximum frequencies by air as seen in the version RTX 2070 with same heatsink and it looks like same PCB.

Recall that these RTX 2060 carry the same TU106 chip that the RTX 2070, so Zotac would not have to retouch your card anything, beyond including the correct version of the TU106 and reduce the number of phases / VRM to further adjust the face price to be as competitive as possible.