Intel QLC-NAND 2.5-inch SSD with 20 TB in the works


Intel could be on the verge of releasing an SSD with a storage capacity of up to 20 TB. The largest SSD in the chip giant’s portfolio offers significantly less capacity at 8TB, but with the help of the latest QLC NAND, this is soon to be a thing of the past. With the QLC-NAND, four bits are stored per memory cell, which simultaneously increases the storage density. This makes it possible to achieve a high capacity with a few chips.

The SSD with 20 TB is the latest QLC NAND SSD. This is produced with the 3D process and is equipped with 96 storage locations. The hardware is then be housed in a 2.5-inch chassis with a height of 15 mm. Interface is a U.2 port. For now, the drive is planned only for use in data centers, so end customers are less of its target group. However, the SSD should already indicate the future path for the mainstream sector. Further technical data such as the possible transfer rate or statements about the SSD controller are currently not available.

Due to the high storage capacity of 20 TB, the SSD would certainly be offered at a high price. However, the planned selling price is still unknown. Also a possible release date does not exist yet. However, the first samples should already be on the way to Intel partners.