Intel to Psion: You do not sell netbooks anymore!

Earlier this month, Psion claimed that Intel cannot use the term netbook as it still sells its ‘netbook’. Intel, however, says that Psion stopped producing them years back and whatever little stock they have in the market is all old stock. They even call the Psion a flat out liar stating that they have not sold any netbook in the US after 2003. The essentially deny everything contentious, but the highlights are as follows:

  • Intel “denies that Psion offered any Netbook laptop computers in the United States after 2003, as confirmed by Psion’s website”
  • “Intel denies that Psion has advertised its Netbook laptop on its website or otherwise since 2003, after Psion’s website listed that model as discontinued”
  • “Intel admits that it has used the term “netbook” in its generic sense. Intel denies that it uses the term netbook as a trademark or as an indicator of a sole source to offer any of its products or services.”
  • “Intel denies that it commenced use of the term “netbook” with any knowledge of Psion’s claim of existing rights in the term.”
  • “Intel denies that Psion has any rights in the term “netbook””

[via savethenetbooks]

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