iPhone 7 screen protector same as iPhone 6s?: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s screen protector comparison

iPhone 7 screen protector

If you are planning to purchase an Apple iPhone 7 or have bought one already, you might be wondering if the screen protector of iPhone 7 is same as iPhone 6s or 6. The short answer is no.

While from front, you may not be able to notice any changes between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s, the earpiece is bigger than iPhone 6s. Another difference is that the front camera has been moved to slight different area from iPhone 6s. And these alone are big enough reasons to buy a screen protector specifically made for iPhone 7. You can buy them off cheap price from amazon.com.

Along with not buying iPhone 6s screen protectors for iPhone 7s, you should also make a good investment in a decent case and if you are clumsy like me, buying the best iPhone 7 rugged case makes sense. A lot of Chinese companies might try to push their old inventory containing iPhone 6s cases to the user and that is why we should only purchase iPhone 7 Plus glass screen protector and case from reputed seller.

Compared to iPhone 7 screen protector, there are even bigger changes in the case design of iPhone 7 compared to iPhone 6s. This includes bigger cutout for camera on the back. Also since there is no 3.5mm jack on the bottom, that place is taken by speaker grill. In case of iPhone 7 Plus, there are two rear cameras, so case design in that scenario is even bigger.

Anyway, enough talking about the iPhone 7 case, so would you buy a screen protector for iPhone 7? For one, it is an expensive phone and easily scratchable. I have seen countless people who dropped their device and their phone skidded on pavement making a hard fall on landing. The ones who had screen protector on had no scratches on the display because their iPhone 7 was protector by a protector.

So even if you baby care your iPhone 7, you should definitely shell out some dollars by buying one from amazon.com because that display is very expensive to repair.