iPod: How to find software version

Learn how to find out which version of software is installed on your iPod.

You can determine this by navigating to the the About screen or by connecting iPod to your computer and using iTunes or iPod Updater.

Products Affected
iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch
Navigating to the “About” screen on iPod

1. On all iPod models (except iPod shuffle) press the Menu button repeatedly until you see the Main menu.
2. Scroll to and then select Settings.
3. Scroll to and then select About. Note: This may be labeled “Info” on the original iPod.
4. Information about your iPod appears. You should see a line item labeled Version. You will see the software version installed on your iPod listed to the right (see the pictures below for reference).

Using iTunes to determine iPod’s software version:
1. Download and install iTunes 7.0 or later
2. Launch iTunes, connect your iPod, and wait until it appears in the Source pane.
3. Select the iPod in the Source pane.
4. View the iPod software version in the Summary or Settings tab depending on the model iPod connected

If you’re unable to update to iTunes 7, click here for steps to use iTunes 6.