iWindowsMobile FunContact 2.15 reviewed!

Here’s a wondeful application for all pocket PC users who want a one-touch contact application. With Fun Contact, now you can easily scroll through your contacts with your finger, or send SMS on the touch of a button.

This is how your contacts look in Fun Contact. You can easily scroll through your contacts using your finger. Joystick is also supported. Scroll your finger through the alphabets given at the right corner to scroll to the contacts beginning with that particular alphabet.

Tap on or  and you can dial the desired number.

Tap on and you can view the contacts you have added to your favourites list.

To add a contact to the favorite list, tap and open the contact from the list of contacts. Then tap on . When you open any contact, if it already exists in the list of favorites, it has a filled white star next to it.

Tap on to edit any contact.

displays the call history.


Tap and open the contact you wish to call. Then just tap on the number and the call will be made.

To send SMS, tap on .


displays the various options.

takes you to the “about” page.

displays “help”.

minimizes the application.

closes the application.


Tap on “new contact” to add a contact.

To add a photo, tap on .

Tap on “New field” to enter any other field for the contact, like mobile number, work address or phone number, etc.

Tap on and add a name to the contact.

The first blue box is for first name. You can tap on “last name” and “company” to enter last name and company of the contact respectively.


Tap on “Sort” and you can sort your contacts by first name, last name or company.


“Language” option lets you choose from number of languages including English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, etc.


There are two skins available for Fun Contact, default and grey. All the above screenshots are taken in default skin. Here’s how each page looks in grey skin.


  • Scroll through the contacts with a finger.
  • Joystick support.
  • Eye-catching black suite.
  • Mulit-language support.


  • Calls cannot be filtered as incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
  • No option for searching a contact.

Final Thoughts

Very user-freindly application. A must have for people who need to scroll through their contacts on-the-go, with a single finger or the people bored of their same old interface of the contacts.

Product Category: Utility
Manufacturer: iwindowsmobile
Link: www.iwindowsmobile.com
Price: $19.95 USD
System Requirements: Pocket PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 5, 6

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