MaxBook P1 quad core laptop for under 300 dollars

MaxBook P1 review

If your needs are just for office work, online classes or work from home, and you need a large-screen laptop within a limited budget, then the MaxBook P1 may be able to meet your needs.

The AD side of the MaxBook P1 laptop is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, tempered glass on the B side, a 15.6-inch IPS screen, a 1920*1080 resolution IPS high-definition screen, and the net weight of the whole machine is 1.9kg.

MaxBook P1 review

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with Intel J4105 quad-core processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, and 240 GB M.2 SSD. Built-in 45Wh capacity lithium polymer battery, fully charged state can support 10 hours of web video endurance.

The MaxBook P1 laptop is equipped with an Intel J4105 quad-core processor, code-named Gemini Lake, with a 4-core 4-thread design, a base frequency of 1.5GHz, an acceleration frequency of 2.5GHz, an integrated UHD600 core display, and a TDP of 10W.

In terms of performance, the multi-thread score of the J4105 processor CineBench R15 is 263cb, which is higher than the 260cb of the i3-7100U. Therefore, the performance of this processor is sufficient whether it is used in office, entertainment or online classes.

There are also many students who are sensitive to noise. In fact, most of the laptops on the market make a very touching noise from the fan under high load. The MaxBook P1 laptop uses passive heat dissipation, and it runs with zero noise at all times.

MaxBok P1 laptop uses Intel Gemini architecture J4105 processor, four cores and four threads, basic frequency 1.5Hz, core frequency up to 2.5GHz, integrated Intel UHD600 high-performance graphics card, the rated power consumption of the whole machine is only 24W.