Mercedes Benz and Apple Car Play review, the car giant let us down

Mercedes Benz and its Apple Car Play integration is a disappointment. We are not exaggerating it. Right now Apple Car is available only in A class, W176 model to be honest but the company has promised that it will be bringing it to the CLA, GLA and B class as well. However its release date is tragic as it will be bringing it as software update starting first quarter of 2016 so it sucks to buy a Mercedes right now unless you are into small cars and have nuts on the A class.

mercedes car play review

This is bad for the Mercedes because their top seller that is C class owners who have iPhones would not be able to enjoy Apple Car Play integration.

mercedes car play reviews

Ask yourself, is Apple or Android Car Play in your vehicle important you? Do you not expect this technology after spending whopping $30000 on a car that claims to be so high tech? Right now I can only speak for myself and a vehicle with no Car Play turns me off. If a company is not making use of the Car Play APIs which have been available since so many months then I will not suggest buying that company’s car.