Pebble Time smartwatch goes toe to toe with Apple Watch

Apple Watch started the smartwatch revolution but it is the other watch companies that are really making the most of this smartwatch era. Myriad companies have released quality smartwatches and smart wearable bands that yearn to make you fitter and smarter. Pebble has been making smartwatches from quite some time but it was the Apple Watch that forced the manufactures to churn out higher quality watches. Pebble Time is here and it is ready to go toe to toe with Apple Watch.

Pebble Time smartwatch

The best thing about Pebble Time is that it does not look too geeky. I have been wearing mine from past two days and not a single person has bugged me about it. I was too tired of people approaching me about my Apple Watch and other Android watches. The problem with Apple and other manufactures’ watches is that they are too big and grab way too much attention. You look like a hipster but this is not the case with the Pebble Watch. Find the best smartwatch and wearable bands deals at

Pebble Time

Buttons are in the right place and notifications pop up reliably too. You can easily read or dismiss them. Dismissing a notification takes you back to home screen which is a good thing. A smartwatch does not have to act like a separate phone – after all it is a watch that is smart, and not a smartphone.

Pebble Time vs Apple watch

One thing that I personally like about fitness bands is that they come with small screens which is same with the Pebble Time. While it is not that small, it is definitely smaller than the Apple Watch and that is what makes it better and special. On the brigher side, it works like a charm with both iPhone and Android.