Microsoft: 96% Of Netbooks Run Windows?

There is no doubt in the fact that the netbooks have become very popular among the consumers. In fact, it is so popular that almost every notebook manufacture has a netbook under its brand. That is why we completely agree with the statement by LeBlanc who is a Microsoft in-house blogger.

The growth of Windows on netbook PCs over the last year has been phenomenal

He further pointed out that those who bought linux netbooks returned them after sometime and bought themselves a netbook running Windows XP. Well, according to me it is due to the stubborn mindset of the people. They have all developed a notion that Linux is only for geeks. They do not want to spend few days learning the new OS.

On the brighter side, he confirmed that there will be a netbook version of Windows 7, which will be highly optimized.

[via informationweek]