Mifone W15 Review, the Cheap Smartwatch that works with iOS and Android

Mifone W15 is one of the cheapest smartwatches out there. Priced at $33, it pairs with your iOS or Android phone with just a tap thanks to the inbuilt NFC sensor. Pairing can also be done using the usual Bluetooth 3.0 radio which is great since not all phones pack NFC. Read the full Mifone W15 review below.

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The Mifone W15 packs 2.5D curved sapphire touch screen which is getting more and more popular in expensive devices like mobile phones and high end smart watches. With 2.5D, the screen feels soft and smooth. As mentioned above, the screen is made of sapphire which means it can handle daily abuse a regular watch goes through. You can put the watch upside down, drop a drop of water on the screen and it will remain undamaged. You can buy it for mere $16.99 from gearbest.com as it is under heavy promotion. So go, get it from gearbest.

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The strap of the Mifone W15 is made of anti ultra violet and allergy free material, so even the people with most sensitive skin can wear it with no problem. It is really thin and comfortable and you can wear it all day. The screen of the Mifone W15 is very bright and I had no problem in using the smartwatch in brightly lit conditions. It is very smart too – to see the time, just raise it towards you and the screen lights up, showing the time in big letters. This, along with high capacity 405 mAh battery, ensures excellent battery life. I was able to get 4-5 days with regular use which is great for a smartwatch. You can find more about the Mifone W15 here.

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The Mifone W15 extends the functionality of your phone by syncing the phone logs, contacts and messages. So if you receive a message on your phone, you can see it directly on the smartwatch without taking it out of your pocket.