Mouse Computer unveils its Dual-Core Atom Nettop – EGPA33DR32XP

The Mouse Computers have added a new product to their netbook/nettop range, a Dual Core Atom Nettop named EGPA33DR32XP. It uses the mighty Atom 330 processor with 2GB of RAM, 320GB HDD and uses XP Home as its OS. Mouse Computers have also thrown in a super DVD drive to make the package even more attractive. Price? It is going to cost you less than 400 euros. For the common man who does not do heavy video editing, this nettop can do everything you throw at it.

Most of us (except heavy gamers) use our computers for basic web-surfing; for managing media and office-editing. For such people, these nettops, especially the Dual-Core Atom processor ones are more than enough to do the job. The obvious question that immediately comes into my mind is: where does the market for cheap PC go from here?

[mouse computers (japanese)] [via akihabara]


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