MSI GTX 1060 Armor OC vs RX 590 – MSI launches its GTX 1060 Armor OC with GDDR5X to compete with the RX 590

MSI GTX 1060 Armor OC

The rumors about the fact that the most powerful manufacturers on the market chose to deplete stocks and stock of their chips for the GTX 1060 have suddenly become a reality. MSI has taken the step forward as a great assembler, where he has opted to try to compete in the market with a well-known bet, adding GDDR5X memory to these cards.

Of all the versions released by MSI on this GP106 this may be the version that can provide the most performance to this segment of GPU and market to date.

The market launch of the AMD RX 590 coupled with the absence of the alleged RTX 2060 together with the large stock of GP106 has pushed manufacturers to try to raise performance while maintaining consumption and dissipation systems.

As we saw last week, some lesser manufacturers have opted to use a larger chip and for higher-end GPU GP104, but it seems that MSI has not followed this path and in this case there will be no new respect.

In fact, its specifications are very similar to the original 6 GB model that MSI launched two years ago: 1280 CUDA, 80 TMU and 48 ROPs with the same available bus, 192 bits.

The clocks are maintained at 1544 MHz where the boost does the rest to raise it to 1759 MHz, which means a good performance increase if we refer to the reference clocks (1506/1709 MHz).

The really curious thing is that MSI is not going to take advantage of the speed advantages in this model, since it will set the speed in the 8 GHz of rigor, matching the characteristics of the normal model that carried GDDR5.

From TPU indicate that the chips used could be 10 Gbps that have been caped by the manufacturer to maintain performance. Maybe the option to include them is for the same reason that relaunch a new GTX 1060 6GB, excess chips, where to give it out could reduce costs of both chips being more competitive against the RX 590.

MSI GTX 1060 Armor OC vs RX 590

As for the consumption, it seems that it will surpass the data of its first version, since it includes 6 + 8 pins for 8 of the V1. This could indicate that the overclocking potential is going to be greater, not only for its GDDR5X but for some new SKU in BIOS that delimites the PowerLimit and allows to extend that range.

In addition and as a novelty, in the photos provided is the inclusion of connectors for SLI, data that could make this card more competitive if the price accompanies, since a GTX 1060 6GB SLI is very attractive in order to achieve greater performance.

At the moment the company has not revealed prices or availability of this model in the market, but as we have seen these weeks given the stock that brands have, it would not be surprising that they left soon, taking advantage of Christmas to maximize sales and empty that stock that It is giving talk.