Netbook vs Laptop: who wins? You decide

Intel has recently posted a webpage which lets the user decide between the netbooks and notebooks. By the article, it becomes very clear that the Intel is not happy the way the netbooks are affecting the sales of the notebooks. Couple of days we highlighted the fact, how the netbooks are affecting the sales of the notebooks.

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From the chart given above (taken from this Microsoft link), it is clear that they perceive netbooks as devices for just surfing the web.

  • Multitask: According to MS, you cannot multi task on a netbook. Right now, I am multi tasking fairly nicely on my EEE 1000H with concurrently running Photoshop CS3, 2 Firefox Windows with each having 8 tabs and WMP 11 (running in the background playing my favorite tunes). No hiccups.
  • Create and Edit Videos: I use Windows Movie Maker all the time on my EEE 1000H and it works great for video editing on the go
  • Encode Music: I use Goldwave application to edit music and apply filters on the music and I do not face any particular slowdowns
  • Watch HD movies: 1080p with coreavc codec. ’nuff said
  • Play Games: Netbooks are able to play most of the games that came around 4-5 years ago. Netbooks were never meant to replace your PSP, Xbox etc anyway
  • Run Complex office software: Office 2007 works fine on my netbook without any slowdowns

I personally use my netbook for everything. Even for heavy duty tasks like audio editing and video editing, it works great. The Atom CPU provides more than enough power for my needs. I am not a gamer. Perhaps that is the reason, I do not yearn for the Core 2 Duo processor in my netbook.

I can fully understand that the netbooks are affecting the sales of the notebooks, but misguiding customers especially by a company like Intel was not expected.

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