New HTC Touch HD ROM now available

There is a new ROM for the Hong Kong users of Touch HD. It promises to mix some minor issues and also upgrades the (GSM) radio.


* Resolves the following CSL Real-time Stock Quote & Foreign Exchange Service issues:
1. The last input box in Edit Stock cannot be selected by touch screen.
2. The stock ticker on top sometimes does not start from right to left.
3. After entering the stock symbol in the instant stock lookup, the Back button may not show on the right side.
* Fixes the font size display problem in Opera.
* Resolves the issue of getting an error when downloading songs from CSL WAP site with .m4a format.

As always, we would like to remind you that this upgrade will wipe off you data on your device, except the storage contents. So, make sure to backup your data. Happy Upgrading!

Download the new ROM from here

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