Fujitsu N7010 with water-cooling support and a mini 4-inch touchscreen

Looks like Fujitsu is going to become the king of the computer world in terms of technology. Well, Fujitsu has launch the LifeBook N7010 and now you will have to expect some compromises like an hour battery life.

N7010 fujistu

Specifications of N7010:

  • Weighs 7 and a half pounds
  • 1 hour battery life
  • 1.3 megapixel webcam
  • HDMI output
  • 4x USB
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • Express Card/54
  • Fingerprint Scanning security
  • 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo P8600 Processor
  • 4GB of memory
  • 320GB HDD
  • 4-inch touch screen LCD

The touchpad supports gestures too:

  • Zoom in by placing two fingers together on the touchpad and then moving them away from each other
  • Zoom out by placing two fingers on the touchpad and moving them towards each other
  • Continuous scroll (also called “ChiralMotion”) by moving your finger in a clockwise circular motion to scroll down, or counter-clockwise to scroll up.
  • Use Momentum to increase the cursor movement speed by sliding your finger quickly across the touchpad.

Other goodies include spill-resistant keyboard and Computrace BIOS-enabled models to prevent remote data deletion. The starting model starts at $1.499.