Windows Mobile: How to force an application to run in VGA-mode

Here is a simple but very helpful trick. We see so many VGA devices around. Many of the applications are VGA-ready, but the developers have not made tweaked their applications to use the VGA resolution.

For example: There are two adobe reader versions for Windows Mobile. One is already VGA-aware, which means that you don’t have to apply an hack/tweak to make it use the VGA resolution. But, the other one is infact more functional and faster in operation. Sadly, it was out quite a long time ago, when the VGA devices had not landed. But, a simple hack can make it use the true VGA resolution.

First of all, get a copy of (for windows mobile). The trial version lets you run it for 3 times. After that you will have to register. Also, it is a great application for those who don’t want to fiddle with the registry.

Now, here is the screenshot of the Adobe acrobat Reader 2.0 without the VGA hack. Notice, that you just cannot see or make out anything on the document. All the screenshots are VGA. Click on them to see the screenshot in the VGA resolution.

After applying the hack:

Not satisfied? Here is the one with images. In non-VGA mode, you will able to see only a quater of the page!

Here is how to do it

Open tweaks2k2 on your device and go to System Tricks>VGA brute force. From there, select the EXE you want to run in real-vga mode and click on apply

Note: this hack won’t work on all applications. Also, this is for VGA devices only (ofcourse)

Download adobe reader 2.0 for Windows Mobile