Nintendo announces 3rd Gen Nintendo DS

Nintendo has just announced the 3rd generation of Nintendo DS, the DSi. Not just a cosmetic remodel of the DS Lite, the DSi incorporates several physical changes. The DSi is approximately 2.6mm thinner and will sport bigger screens sized at 3.25 inches (previous models had 3 inch screens). As Nintendo said recently, the GBA (Gameboy Advance) is now a thing of the past, the GBA slot is no more, and in place of the GBA slot is a SD card slot.

3rd generation of Nintendo DS

The SD card slot will allow for saving pictures taken from the two on-board digital cameras, one mounted outside and one mounted inside. Other things downloadable to the SD card will be music and games; I am betting that videos may also be supported, as it was on their Japan only GBA Play-Yan cartridge.

Games download will be offered for purchase via wireless through the Nintendo DSi shop, which sounds similar to the Apple App Store on iTunes. The DSi will also include a web browser; although there is no word on which browser yet, it will most likely be an improved version of Opera for the DS. The DSi will launch in Japan November 1st and sell for $179. No word yet of a release date for North America, Nintendo does plan for global release sometime in 2009.

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