Nokia Lumia 735 730 CP-3086 Review, official wireless charging shell

The Nokia Lumia 735 and 730 are the latest windows phone cellphones in the market and they offer great value for money. It does not come with built in wireless charging like Lumia 830 and 930 but you can add this high end feature by using CP-3086 wireless charging shell accessory.


The official Nokia Lumia 735 wireless charging shell a k a CP-3086 let you make the most of the phone. Of course to use it you must buy a wireless charging plate. Nokia sells it for as low as $40 and it is compatible with all wireless charging phones.

Coming back to the wireless charging shell – it is made of very high quality polycarbonate. Also since the case’s color is shot through entire plastic, scratching it will not ruin the color – so no white lines!

nokia CP-3086

Of course since the CP-3086 is the official accessory it fits perfectly. Here is the unboxing of it. It is on sale for 25 dollars.