NVIDIA Ion Platform = GeForce 9400M + Intel Atom processor = 1080p videos on a Netbook!

It has always been a dream for the Netbook owners to run Hi-definition video on their netbooks. Sadly, due to the limiting processing power of the Intel Atom processors (so far) and absence of GPU in the netbooks, no one ever thought of running 1080p videos on the netbooks.

But, it is not a distant dream anymore. The GeForce 9400M GPU completely nails the integrated Intel graphics. In the video given below, we see a normal Acer Aspire one, which struggles a lot while playing the 1080p video. On the other hand, we see another netbook, but this one is connected to a HDTV and utilizes the Ion platform (GeForce 9400M + Intel Atom).

In the end, the main question that arises is that do we need all those bells and whistles? Well, it would be great for someone who wishes thinks something more than web browsing on his netbook. The inclusion of powerful GPU would also open gates for the gamers. It would also reduce the CPU utilization as most of the graphic part would be taken over by the GPU.


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