OLX Autos review – Best way to sell car online or too good to be true?

This is review of OLX Autos, which is very famous for selling car online without negotiating with dealer. I have a 14y old Toyota Corolla Altis that I thought I should try selling using OLX Auto since everything sounded too good to be true to be able to sell my Corolla without any of those annoying discussions with a dealer. 

olx autos review

How does OLX Auto work? 

It is actually very simple. Simply google “OLX Auto” and you will find a webpage where you can book an appointment where their representative will visit your house and do the inspection. 

This is what happened. The guy came and inspected my car by taking bunch of pictures of exterior and interior. He then took it for a short 1-2km test drive. The whole process was frankly painless and took less than 1-hour. 

Then, he informed me that my car will now be put up for auction and I’ll get the best possible offer within an hour. I felt elated but everything sounded too good to be true. 

Well, no call came. Nothing. Nada. And no-one picks up phone at OLX Auto so you are literally kept in dark and you keep wondering where did you go wrong? 

olx auto bad price

Next day came and I got a call in afternoon, where they informed that my car would go for meager 1L rupees (100,000 INR). I was like, is this a joke? I mean, a quick search on OLX’s own website says that my car is worth at least twice. My car has 75000 km and everything is working fine. It has never been run on CNG and drives like a charm. The only reason I am selling my Toyota Corolla Altis is because of Delhi’s 15y rule where you cannot drive a petrol car older than 15y on Delhi roads. 

Do I recommend OLX Autos? 

Absolutely not. They are not transparent and quote half of what people are asking for on their website. They kept me waiting for more than 24h and in that time, I got one call at 5pm where I was told I would be given best price in another hour or so. That call never came until next day when they informed me they can only give 100000 for my car. They also added a commission of INR 1000 would be deducted when they IMPS me the money. 

Of course, I said because selling a 2008 Corolla Altis 1.8G variant for under 1L in 2022 is madness. 

What is best way to sell car online in India? 

The best way is to do it yourself. OLX’s website is fantastic. The only gripe is you will have to deal with ton of messages and phone calls, but I promise you, you will get more than 2x price what OLX Autos or what Cars24 offered you. Only you know your car better. Not these OLX Autos or Cars24 blokes. They are here to give you a low ball offer which only a person who is in desperate need of money or someone who has not taken care of his car properly.