Onyx Boox 13.3 inch Review and Hands On Pictures

Onyx Boox 13.3 inches ebook reader is a direct contender to the Pocketbook CAD Reader and Sony Digital Paper. It is a late entry to the ereader world but definitely a strong one. Our friends at good reader have published the first hands on and Onyx Boox 13.3 inch review on their website and they are pretty impressed with it.

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch reviews

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch Review: What it comes with?

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch comes with a flexible E-ink display packing high definition with 2200 x 1650 pixel resolution and 207 PPI, also known as Pixels Per Inch. Onyx Boox 13.3 inch panel is better than Sony DPT-S1 which has 1600 x 1200 pixels display with 150 PPI. It will be more clear and defined.

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch review

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch Review: Touchscreen inductive?

Onyc has also confirmed that this first generation device will come with inductive touchscreen which accepts pen input so users can draw and takes notes directly on the display. The Onyx Boox 13.3 inch ereader runs android operating system and not Linux. So you can side load your applications easily which is important since it does not come pre loaded with Play Store.

Onyx Boox 13.3 inch Review: Release date and price tag?

Onyx has promised goodreader that it will make the Boox 13.3 inch available by Spring 2016 but there is no word on its price or availability. However we know one thing for sure – it will not be cheap.