Techwatch One Elite specs, smartwatch for athletes for 150 euro

Techwatch One Elite is a smartwatch that is manufactured by Techmade. It is a sports type watch  and integrates heart rate monitor,pedometer and sleep monitor.

Techwatch One Elite specs

Techwatch One Elite specs include 1.54 inch display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, touch screen panel,300 mAh lithium polymer battery, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, smart wake up and bluetooth music remote control. Here are its details.

Sleep Monitor : Through this function, the smartwatch detect (thanks to heartbeats) sleep quality, identifying the steps the deepest and the most superficial;
Heart rate monitor : the device is capable of measuring heartbeats both during the physical activity both at rest.
Burglar : you will be notified when the smartphone will be moved away to more than 10m. Techwatch from Elite;
BT Music Remote Control : Techwatch ONE Elite is capable of playing the playlists on your smartphone connected to it;
Smart Wake-Up : Start intelligent display with a simple movement of the arm, to be always ready to use the device.

Techwatch One Elite is compatible with both iOS7 (and up) and android 4.2 operating system. It is available with a target price tag of 150 euros.