Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone cannot make phone calls

Imagine you bought a phone for yourself only to find out later on that you cannot make or receive phone calls on it. You would be very furious right?

Well the people who bought the Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone are complaining that they are able tunable to make or receive calls. Some are not even able to do web surfing on it.

The phone only attaches to network and allows to perform *xxxxx# type ussd operation.

The Onyx Midia phone runs on a 4.3 inch E-ink display, 512MB RAM, 4 gigabytes of internal flash storage and Android 2.3.

It is on sale for 149 euros from Onyx which is a Polish online retailer. The phone went for up sale in June last year and immediately went out of stock.

Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone