Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile coming soon

Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile coming soonAt CTIA, Opera is going to announce the Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile. Few days back, we mentioned about the Opera Turbo (here and here) and how it could radically change our thinking of web-browsing when we are mobile.

At next week’s CTIA Wireless Show, Opera Software will be announcing the new Opera Mobile 9.7 server-accelerated browser for smartphones and mobile devices. Opera Mobile 9.7 features Opera Turbo, Opera’s breakthrough compression technology, along with the company’s latest Presto 2.2 rendering engine (also used in Opera 10 desktop) and full support for dynamic Web technologies such as Ajax and Flash (for accessing popular sites like Facebook and YouTube).

For mobile device manufacturers, Opera Mobile 9.7 with Opera Turbo can make for a faster, more rich browsing experience by leveraging current device capabilities and utilizing hardware resources more effectively. Opera Turbo offloads Web page rendering to Opera servers freeing up device resources. Even devices with limited hardware capabilities show improved page download rates and better overall performance.

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