How to: Recover using recovery partition in EEE 1002HA

There are two ways to recover back to factory settings:

  • using restore DVD
  • using restore partition

The hidden restore partition contains the restore image of the Windows XP home. To recover using this method, follow the following  steps:

  1. disable boot booster in BIOS.
  2. press F9 key during the bootup
  3. this will make your EEE to boot into recovery console
  4. you will given the warning that the recovery process will delete all the data
  5. click on ‘tick’ button to start the recovery process. It should take about 5 minutes to complete the recovery process

commentary: this is a great step by ASUS to let the users to recover back to factory settings when they do not have access to the external DVD drives. Also, it is a faster way to get back to a working system in case something went horribly wrong with the OS.

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