Pal app review: Find new friends with same interests

pal app review

Pal is a new application available for both iPhone and Android that lets you find and meet new friends according to the friends that have same interests as yours. This is great if your existing friends don’t have time, interests, you can find new ones on the Pal app. For instance, if none of your friends like sports, you can find and meet new friends that like sports.

While searching for a new person on Pal, you can specify activity, location, budget, gender, straight/not-straight, age, location and searchable area. If you like someone, tap on the white Pal button and then you can chat and meet. You can move to the next person by swiping.

It is also possible to search as a couple or even group. Of course, in order to meet a couple, you need to find someone first to create your couple and meet up with other couples. Same applies to group. To join other groups, you need to have a group.

We highly suggest you to complete your own profile and add things you like. This will allow others to find you easily. It is also encouraged that you use your real name as it makes it easier for the Pal community to recognize one another.

pal app review

Verdict – We had a lot of fun using Pal app. Finally, we have an app that lets you search for people that have same interests as yours. You can see what other people do around you and join them.

The app is available for both iPhone and android platforms. Download links are given below.