Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac Available Now

Do you run PPC-Mac? If yes, then Parallels Desktop 4.0 has something really nice for you to offer.

  • Built-in iPhone access for starting, stopping and managing your virtual machine from your handheld
  • Clips, a new proprietary screenshot sharing tool that lets you share captures between operating systems with a single click
  • Simultaneous device mounting in both Windows and OS X, so that manual switching of things like USB sticks and other removable storage devices
  • Multi-core processors and up to 8GB of RAM are now supported, with up to 256MB of video RAM possible
  • 64-bit computing support
  • Hypervisor adaptive resource management optimizes performance automatically based on your usage
  • PowerSaver improved battery management with battery status monitor in Windows VM
  • An SDK for developing third-party software compatible with Parallels, which could result in some interesting cross-platform applications

It also offers DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.1 support!. Version 4.0 of Parallel Desktop makes the user experience smoother than ever.

It costs $79.90. Link to the official Parallel Desktop page