Japan has a Kourziro KZRX1002 in Roul of a new Rival!

It looks like the Eee Box is going to face some tough competition in coming months. Other manufactures won’t sit behind. We knew that a lot of manufactures would emulate this kind of device. I’m not really sure that would be available in the market of US and other international countries. Currently, it is Japan only.

Here are some specifications of this nettop:

  • Atom CPU of 1.6GHz.
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • 250GB of HDD.
  • 19” LCD
  • size: 103 x 288 x 338 .
  • 90W power supply.

Official Webpage (japanese!)

HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2

Now You don’t have to wait for hybrid Tablet PC with multi-touch digitizer screen. HP is bringing the mighty Tablet PC TouchSmart TX2, which is going to be a refresh of the HP tx2500 Tablet PC. It is a powerful Tablet PC, which has capacitive digitizer, which uses the same technology that is used in iPhone.

So, HP has finally decided not to make people wait for the multi-touch technology in Windows 7. But, according to me, the most impressive part of TX2 is its price. It is just starting at $1199!. And just look at the specs you get for that little price: Continue reading “HP first multi-touch Tablet PC: HP TouchSmart TX2”

DELL’s New ‘Studio’ Brand: Designed for the Creative Spark in All of Us


  • New Dell Studio Laptops Combine Striking Design Elements and a Full Range of Personalization Options
  • New Dell Dock Organizes Software by Tasks, Cleans Icons off of the Desktop
  • Dell Video Chat Delivers One-Click Communications: Video, VOIP and IM

Dell introduced “Studio” on 26 June 2008, a new consumer product line designed for self-expression and creative living. Studio products are highly expressive and personalized – inside and out – combining aesthetics and technology into a fresh approach to hi-def mobile lifestyles.

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RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING launched their latest RAM cooler ARCTIC RC earlier,providing a revolutionary RAM cooling solution for enthusiasts.To reinforce the cooling capacity of the ARCTIC RC,the company launched the RC TURBO MODULE on 17/06/2008, a dual fan cooler that reduces the RAM temperature even further.

RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

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Firefox portable updated!

We all love firefox. Don’t we? Infact, it is my most used application. See my profile at Wakoopa for that :D

Well, I have some great news for you guys. Firefox portable has been updated to the latest and greatest version 3! So far, just 2 plugins are supported(flash and shockwave), but more are on the way. Make sure you read the tips on this link to make your Firefox portable experience better.


mDesktop: control your device from desktop and more!

Everything you do with your Windows Mobile smartphone you can now do from your PC – on your big screen, big keyboard and complete integration with your desktop.

With mDesktop on your PC and Windows Mobile smartphone connected to it you can:

  • make outgoing calls from the smartphones address book
  • manage incoming ones with ease from your desktop
  • have threaded SMS conversations
  • manage images
  • manage calendar and contacts straight on your phone, no synchronization required
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