Prevent WannaCry Ransomware in 30 seconds: Block WannaCry Virus / Hack

If you run Windows, your PC is at risk in getting infected with WannaCry ransomware but there is an easy way of preventing your computer from getting infected. All you have to do is disable SMB to prevent against WannaCry attacks. SMB comes enabled by default on Windows which should be disabled if you want to prevent your PC from getting this nasty ransomware.

Fire up My Computer / “This PC” and go “Uninstall or change a program”.

prevent wannacry

Then click on “turn windows features on or off”.

prevent wannacry-2

Scroll down and you will find SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support. Turn this off and you will be asked to restart your computer. Do it and your PC will be prevented against WannaCry ransomware.

Just make sure not to download anything suspicious from emails or browse nasty websites. WannaCry Ransomware has caused considerable damage to the computer worldwide and people are being told to keep their computer up to date in order to prevent their PC from catching it.

Another thing to keep in mind is once your PC is infected, there is no going back. There is no way to remove WannaCry from your computer. Fortunately, your PC is not dead and you can reinstall the operating system by using inbuilt recovery key or installing OS yourself if there is no built in recovery image.