Quick Look: Introducing the Palm Store – do not get too excited

Well, we definitely wanted it to be one to rival the Apple’s App Store. Sadly, this is not the case here. When I heard the “Palm Store” word a couple of days ago, I thought finally in Windows Mobile world, somebody has done something which should have been done a long time back.


It certainly rose my hopes a lot when I downloaded the 1.1MB exe from Palm’s website. I executed it on my PC and it installed a TINY 28KB application on my HTC Diamond. It obviously made me wondered how could Palm integrate the whole application in a tiny 28KB CAB file!

Alright, it installed it on my device and it looked very promising especially with that cart icon. I still had a lot of hopes with the 28KB application :)

Launched the application and all the hopes slithered away!

I launched the application it fired up IEexplore and redirected it to a customized version of the PocketGear’s webpage. Yes, it has the orange theme which fakes it as Palm own store.

But, that is all about it.

Expert look

So, as we have seen, it is a just another Pocketgear affiliate store with a Palm name slapped upon. Nothing more, nothing less. Notice that if you see the path of the application, it tells you that it basically calls IEexplore.exe which is the EXE in windows mobile to call up Internet Explorer mobile and points it to palm.pocketgear.com. Shame!

Get it here

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