RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING launched their latest RAM cooler ARCTIC RC earlier,providing a revolutionary RAM cooling solution for enthusiasts.To reinforce the cooling capacity of the ARCTIC RC,the company launched the RC TURBO MODULE on 17/06/2008, a dual fan cooler that reduces the RAM temperature even further.

RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

MSRP(excl. VAT):

8,95€ / US$ 13.95

Main Features:

• Dual add-on fans to boost up ARCTIC RC cooling potential
• 2 ultra quiet 60mm fans
• Increases overclockability
• 6 year warranty

Boost up the ARCTIC RC cooling performance

The ARCTIC RC increases the heat dissipation area significantly which drops RAM temperature from 78°C to 44°C. Compatible with the ARCTIC RC, the RC Turbo Module is equipped with two 60mm fans which spin at 1500 rpm. The fans provide direct air flow to the RAMs. This results in further temperature reduction to up to 37.8°C, which is up to 74% better cooling compared with no RAM cooler. Such excellent cooling performance increases overclockability significantly.

Extremely quiet

Same as other ARCTIC COOLING products, the RC Turbo Module’s dual 56mm fans are installed with low noise impeller. As a result, the fans are extremely quiet which generate o­nly 0.1 Sone of noise even spinning at full load. Gamers can enjoy the both the coolness and quietness brought by this RAM fan cooler.

The RC Turbo Module is suitable for o­ne to four RAMs with two pieces of ARCTIC RC attached to it.