iWindowsMobile Eye Photo reviewed!

Are you tired of the same old interface of your picture viewer and sick of browsing through every folder in your device to find a particular photo ? Not any more. Because, EyePhoto automatically fetches all the folders in your device tat contains images. And not only that, with EyePhoto you can slide through the screen using your finger, just like in an iPhone.

This is the first screen that you see as soon as you open the application. Here you can see the names of the folders in your device that contain some picture. On the right side of every folder name, the number of pictures that the folder contains, is displayed.

If you have copied a new picture, or inserted a memory card, you can just tap on “refresh” button and the file or folder will be added to the list. The refresh button is shown below.


The icon on the top right corner is that of “menu”.

The “language” option lets you choose the language of your choice among a number of languages. The supported languages are shown in the following screenshot.

This option takes you to the “about” page.

This option opens the “help” page.

This button minimizes the application.

This button closes the application.

Now, lets see how you can actually open the images with this application. Tap on the folder you would like to open. Thumbnails of all the pictures would be displayed. Also, on the top of the screen, the name of the folder is displayed.

Now, tap on the image you would like to open.

icon on the top of the screen displays the number of the particular image out of the total number of images in the folder.

Tap on the icon on the right top corner of the screen to rotate the image to landscape mode.

Similarly, tap on the icon in the below screenshot to rotate the image back to portrait mode.

Tap on the image (whether in landscape mode or portrait mode as per your choice) to open it in full screen. Also, if you leave your screen untouched for a few seconds (about 5 seconds) then the image automatically switches to full screen mode.

Tapping on the icon on the image displays a few menus with which you can delete the image, resize and put the image in MMS or e-mail window or display the properties of the particular image.

The screenshot below shows the properties of one of my images.

Tapping on icon on in the image plays a slideshow of all the images in the folder, in full screen mode. Just tap on the screen to stop the slideshow.

The and buttons in the below screenshots lets you zoom-in and zoom-out the image respectively. When you tap on zoom-in button, the image is doubled. If the zoomed image is bigger than the screen, you can move around and see rest of the parts of the picture.


  • Finger-freindly touch navigation.
  • iPhone like interface.
  • No need to browse through every folder in your device to find pictures. The application automatically fetches all the folders that contain images.
  • Slideshow of the images can be easily played.
  • It’s cheap!
  • A lot of languages supported.
  • Both landscape and portrait viewing of images supported.
  • Comfortable zooming option.


  • Does not display the actual location of the picture in your device.
  • Does not display the name of the file.
  • You cannot rename, copy or move the file to any other location.
  • The file can only be sent through e-mail or MMS and not through bluetooth or infrared.

Final Thoughts

A highly user-friendly photo-viewer for viewing your device that gives you the most convenient navigation. A must-have for all windows mobile users with lots of images in their device ;)

Product Category: Windows Mobile Software
Manufacturer: iWindowsMobile
Link: http://www.iWindowsMobile.com
Price: $14.95 USD
System Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0 Pocket PC

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