Recover deleted and lost data from USB flash drive

Today we will show you how to recover data that was deleted, formatted or lost from your USB flash drive. This method also works if you want to do the same from a PC or a laptop easily and effectively without any professional help. The software that we are going to use for this process is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software is easy to use and we will guide you in how to use this software to recover your lost and deleted files.

Recover deleted and lost data from USB flash drive

This recovery software offers two scan modes – quick and deep that lets you find deleted or lost data precisely. This recovery software lets you recover your lost photos, documents, videos, music and even emails. This is extremely useful in case of deletion, formatting, partition loss or virus attack. The best part is that you can preview before triggering recovery. This saves time and money.

How do to use it? First, download the application and install it on your computer. Make sure not to install it on the disk on which you will be doing memory card recovery, data or partition recovery. Start the app and select the type of data you wish to recover. In this case, it can be graphic, audio, document, video, email or other. If you are unsure about the extension, chose the option that says “all file types”.


In next step, select the USB flash drive from the list. If you have one or more, make sure you have selected the right one. Now, press the Scan button to start scanning the computer. It will do a quick scan of your USB flash drive. On the top, you will see the progress bar showing the recovery status. If it is taking a lot of time, there is a pause button to temporarily pause the scan. You can resume it later. Or you can completely stop the process and do it sometime later.


After the scan you will find the list of files that you can recover. It will show a preview window so you know what you are going to recover. If you did not the file you were looking for, you should go for the Deep Scan which will help you find the files that you could not find in first scan. This scan should also be done in case your files could not be correctly opened. Next tap on the recover button to recover the files. Make sure not to store the files in the source drive.

That’s it! You’ve successfully recovered your deleted files.