Redfly Mobile viewer impressions from a netbook and Windows Mobile user [Video]

Redfly recently released a viewer that can run on PCs. This viewer lets you to view and use your device’s screen directly from the PC. Now, Redfly is not the first company to come  up with such solution. Many other companies like SOTI have been offering similar solutions from quite a lot of time. What makes the Redfly different then? Well, it lets you:

  • use different resolutions (800×480, 800×600, 1024×600 and 1024×768)
  • has a projector mode which basically runs the Redfly applications full screen (useful when you are connecting your notebook to a projector)

I decided to load it on my netbook (EEE 1000H) instead of my laptop as netbook is something which I carry almost everywhere I go. Here is a video showing the real-life performance of the Redfly Viewer.

The Opera browser crashed at 1024×600(or x768). Google Maps loaded but did not display the maps. However, Excel Mobile and Word Mobile worked fine. The dictionary application occupied only one quarter of the screen. Contrary to what people must be thinking, it is not Redfly’s fault. Most of the developers just hard code their applications to certain resolutions.

Download Redfly Viewer here

You will also need to download the appropriate device driver. Select and Download from here

Tip: I recommend putting the toolbar in Autohide mode as it takes a lot of ‘vertical’ space.

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