RTX 3080 vs RTX 2080Ti comparison, should you upgrade? RTX 3080 Review

Simply put, the improvement of RTX 3080 has reached the point where RTX 2080 has no comparative value. This article will mainly focus on RTX 2080 Ti for comparison. The graphics card is a three-fan model, and the length of the graphics card will exceed 30 cm. The overall size is 32314056mm.

RTX 3080 review

The display interface is 3DP+1HDMI, which is the standard configuration of high-end graphics cards. The thickness of the graphics card will reach three slots, and you can see that the height of the graphics card is also very high over the shoulder. In order to provide sufficient power supply interface for three 8PIN. The top of the graphics card is more simple than traditional because of the consideration of the mounting bracket. Only the MSI LOGO and the light guide at the back can light up.

There is also a reinforcing rib between the PCIe baffle and the PCB, which also takes into account the heat dissipation of the power supply capacitor. The base of the radiator is designed for direct contact with the heat pipe, which is more watery. Fortunately, MSI used a square heat pipe with an improved process to allow all seven heat pipes to reach the core.

In terms of overall performance, RTX 3080 not only surpasses the previous generation of counterpoint RTX 2080 and RTX 2080S, but also obviously surpasses the previous generation of flagship RTX 2080 Ti. The absolute performance improvement is not big.

RTX 3080 review

The game performance is based on the generation, and the game performance of the RTX 3080 gradually increases in accordance with the generation. Looking at the 10 series as a frame of reference, in the past, everyone thought that the A card would gradually increase with the evolution of the generations, and the N card performance was relatively mediocre under DX12. However, the performance of RTX 3080 under DX12 is particularly outstanding. Compared with RX 5700XT, the lead under DX11 is 69%, and the advantage under DX12 has expanded to 82%. Therefore, the 30 series has become the most futuristic product from the current test.

Regarding the power consumption of the graphics card:

The overall power consumption of the RTX 3080 is still significantly higher. From the perspective of external power supply, the 8PIN of the power supply and the PCIe of the motherboard may reach the peak value of the power supply specification. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a particularly low-end motherboard to ensure the power supply of the graphics card slot for the RTX 3080.

The power supply should be PCIe power supply which is separate and independent, and each interface can be divided into 8 power supply lines. If possible, the power supply wire is preferably 16AWG thick wire. In terms of power supply, it is not recommended to be lower than 750W, and 850W should be selected normally.

About the heat dissipation of the graphics card:

According to the situation I have collected so far, most of the RTX 3080 has done a good job of heat dissipation and retained sufficient redundancy. Relatively speaking, the real challenge this time will be on the chassis. Air-cooled public and non-public versions will inevitably blow a lot of heat directly into the chassis, making the chassis particularly prone to heat accumulation. It is recommended to choose a case with strong air duct and sufficient space. Without special modification, it is not recommended to use it in ITX chassis and other operations.

About the CPU configuration of the graphics card:

It is recommended to choose high-frequency and multi-core products as far as possible for CPU matching. For INTEL, it is recommended not to be lower than i5-10600K and i7-9700K, and for AMD, it is recommended to use R7 3800X or higher. Regarding the PCIe channel selection of the graphics card: According to the current test, the PCIe channel upgrade has not brought any obvious changes for the game. This is also in line with NVIDIA’s official rhetoric. It is recommended that you don’t struggle.

About the DXR performance of the graphics card:

From the test results, although the test samples are not enough, it can be seen whether it is relying on the violent computing power increase of the RTX 3080 itself (refer to Battlefield 5) or the bonus brought by the Ampere architecture (refer to Tomb Raider) 11) RTX 3080 will significantly improve the light pursuit experience. If the previous generation 20 series is an early adopter, the 30 series can already talk about experience.

RTX 3080 vs rtx 2080ti

In general, first looking at the performance of the RTX 3080, the overall improvement is very obvious, and the angle of cost-effective improvement is even higher than that of the 10 series. Now it can be said that the biggest contradiction is everyone’s expectation on the NV guide price and the actual final price due to the shortage.

In addition, the 10G video memory capacity is worth complaining. I would be more inclined to wait for the 20G version of the RTX 3080.

The previous generation of the 20 series even felt like a cannon fodder for pathfinder. Fortunately, NV is still clearly appeasing the users of the 20 series. It has been clearly mentioned before that the 20 series will enjoy the same treatment as the 30 series and get full DX12_2 support.