Russia to disconnect from Internet starting March 11

Russia trained for this scenario back in July 2021 – disconnect from Internet and still able to function normally. But this could become a reality starting March 11th 2022. All companies in Russia are required to get on a .RU address and Russian domestic server. 

russia internet

Businesses have mere five days to comply. What does this mean for non-Russians? 

Well, some say Russia is doing this as its cyber army is preparing for massive cyber attack on US and its allies. But US is not going to act like a sitting duck. Forces from U.S. Cyber Command known as ‘cybermission teams’ are in place to interfere with Russia’s digital attacks and communications. 

Controversial Russian Spy Ship Yantar has left its base in Russian Arctic. Yantar is the ‘special mission’ ship reputed to be involved in spying on undersea internet cables. Noteworthy here is that this vessel can also act as a mothership to submersibles that are able to sever cables miles beneath the ocean’s surface. 

They were war gaming this in Israel several months ago with western nations present. The great reset. 

Putin is pulling the plug on the global internet. Interesting times ahead.