Samsung SO-DIMM with 32 GB launched

Samsung has introduced a new SO-DIMM, which has a capacity of 32 GB. According to Samsung, the memory is based on a 10 nm class process technology – the manufacturer does not elaborate on this. At 10-nm class is a process node with 10 to 19 nm. The previous chips each having 8 Gbit capacity Samsung made in 18 nm, the new 16-Gb chips will have experienced a small Shrink.

Samsung SO-DIMM with 32 GB

The DDR4 SO-DIMMs are each equipped with eight chips on the front and back. This results in the 32 GB for a SO-DIMM module. In a notebook with two SO-DIMM slots, this results in a total capacity of 64 GB. For the clock, Samsung has clocked it up to 2.666 MHz, which is sufficient in notebooks for both processors from AMD and Intel. Besides the increased capacity and speed (16 GB modules clocked at 2,400 MHz), Samsung also sees advantages in terms of power consumption. Two 32 GB modules are expected to come to 4.6 W under load and 1.4 W in idle mode, which should correspond to a reduction of 39% and 25% respectively compared to the 16 GB modules.

The 10nm Class DRAM used here will also be used on other memory products. As a 16 GBit LPDDR4, 16 GBit GDDR5 and 16 GBit DDR4, the memory plays a role for mobile computing, graphics cards, PCs and servers. In addition to the SO-DIMMs, doubling the storage capacity is important, especially for servers.

"Our 32GB DDR4 DRAM modules deliver unprecedented levels of gaming experience on laptops," said Sewon Chun, Samsung Electronics’ senior vice president of memory marketing. "We continue to offer the most advanced DRAM product portfolio with higher speed and storage capacity for all major market segments including premium laptops and PCs."

Samsung does not state when the corresponding storage products will be commercially available.