SONY VAIO P hardware tour (and some silly comparison pictures with the EEE 1000H)

So, we finally got the VAIO P! Although the SONY hates to use the word netbook for the VAIO P, but we still consider it as a netbook due to its specifications and size. It is a different story all together, when you talk about its high price though.

Immediately when you hold it in your hand, you get the feeling of SONY’s excellent built quality. Everything is so well made and manufactured. Also, I would like to point out that it is much smaller and thinner than what it looks in the various photos published online so far.

Look how small is the box compared to the unit itself

On the left side of the VAIO, you will find the DC port, a USB port and earphone jack.

This is its right side

On the front (left side), you will find the WiFi on-off switch, SD card reader followed by MS duo card reader.

On the other front (right side), you will find the on/off switch followed by battery and HDD indicators.

SONY has modelled the VAIO P around its keyboard. Even though I’ve not still powered on the unit, I can feel how nice is the keyboad. The travel and depth of the keys is great. I had some doubts in my mind regarding the chicklet style keys of the VAIO P, but they feel great so far.

The power brick is almost the size of the EEE 1000H’s power brick, which is 50% the size of adapters of big notebooks.

Comparison with the EEE 1000H

The EEE 1000H absolutely dwarfed the VAIO P!

Stay tuned for the full review which will be published by the end of this week!

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