Spreadtrum SC9853i benchmark: Spreadtrum SC9853i beats Mediatek MTK6750

Spreadtrum SC9853i benchmark

Leagoo T5C mobile phone will be equipped with the new octacore Spreadtrum SC9853i processor. This processor, manufactured using Intel’s Airmont architecture, is postulated as a tough contender for Mediatek in the lower and middle range. And it seems that with good performance. Until now, the mobile processor market was practically a matter of only a few companies. You had the all-powerful Qualcomm and the less powerful, but cheaper, Mediatek. Yes, there are more companies that manufacture SoCs for mobile phones, but these two are the most important and relevant in the market. The fact is that, in case you did not know, Intel also has its own architecture for mobile devices, which is called Airmont. And in this architecture, the Chinese manufacturer Spreadtrum Communications has launched its Spreadtrum SC9853i processor. It is an eight-core processor geared specifically to the mid-range of mobile phones. But until now the undisputed king of the medium range of mobile phones was Mediatek, right? Well it seems that things are going to start to change as soon as the Leagoo T5C goes on the market.

The new Spreadtrum SC9853i processor is significantly more powerful than Mediatek. According to benchmarks that have recently come to light, where the performance of the Spreadtrum processor SC9853i is compared with that of the Mediatek MTK6750 which is being used in a lot of low and medium end phones, it can be seen that the new processor is noticeably more powerful than the Mediatek processor. Both in single-core applications and in multi-core applications.

This gives us to understand that the Leagoo T5C is preparing an interesting surprise under its hood. The processor will be mid-range, but the rest of the hardware is high-end. Not only processor lives a mobile. In these devices, a fundamental part of the equation is the screen that they equip. And in this section, the Leagoo T5C will not disappoint you, given that it reassembles a Full HD screen that has a matrix manufactured by Sharp. What you know in full that is a guarantee of quality assured completely. Likewise are the 3 GB of RAM manufactured by Samsung or the 32 GB of storage memory manufactured by SanDisk, both manufacturers of top-end components for this mobile market.

As it could not be otherwise, the T5C will come equipped with double camera in its back. The main one has 13 MP resolution and has been manufactured by Samsung. While the secondary is 2 MP resolution and is manufactured by OV. While the front camera is also manufactured by OV and has a resolution of 5 MP. In the lower part of the device we can find a fingerprint reader.