Task2Gather – Online Project & Task Manager for Windows Mobile : Create tasks, share responsibility, achieve goals

VITO Technology releases online project & task management utility Task2Gather. Task2Gather saves tasks in the web cloud for users to access them any time they need. Task2Gather key features are intuitive user-friendly interface, hierarchic organization, and easy task sharing.

Task2Gather is very flexible. It serves equally well both for organizing and supervising work flow in mid-size companies and also for managing personal to-do or shopping lists. The hierarchic structure allows users to divide any project or task into unlimited number of sub-tasks.

Task2Gather is for working together. Once user has created a project, he can invite other participants and assign them responsible for certain tasks. All it takes is typing an email address and clicking “Invite” button. In a couple of minutes their friends, colleagues, or partners will become the part of the project, even if they didn’t use Task2Gather before. The registration in Task2Gather takes less than a minute.

Task2Gather is mobile. Task2Gather supports such useful for task management features as assigning deadlines, colors, progress (in hours) to tasks, synchronization with Outlook tasks. All this is available for Task2Gather users on the go. They can finally take their business with them.

Task2Gather for Windows Mobile is available at following link for $4.99.