Task2Gather REVIEW – manage your tasks, share your tasks

Task2Gather is an online application, which lets you manage the tasks online. It is available for free for your Desktop and also for Windows Mobile and iPhone. Imagine your wife or girlfriend updating the list of items to be purchased at home while you are out. Your windows mobile device or iPhone will automatically display the updated list. Priceless!

Lets see how the first screen of the Task2Gather looks. If you have already registered online, then you can easily log yourself in. Otherwise, you can click on “have no account?” and register yourself on the device itself. This is really nice considering the fact that many windows mobile applications require you to go to the product’s website on the Desktop to register yourself.

Please note that the screenshots were taken off my HTC Diamond and thus had to be scaled down as they looked very big (480 x 640)

After the success of the Touch friendly devices by HTC, it has become mandatory for every application to be very finger friendly. Nobody is now interested in taking the stylus out just to write few words or characters. People at VITO (who have made this application) have well understood this fact. The Task2Gather application is very finger friendly.

After you’ve successfully logged in, you will be presented with a list of your projects, if you have already created them on the desktop or on your other devices. Clicking on any of the projects would enlist the tasks that the project may contain.

You can click on the “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen to create a new task. Just assign the task some title and click on the “save” button to save it. At the same time, the task can be viewed online too! Pretty slick. Changing between windows is very sleek and fluid. No jitters on the VGA display of my diamond. I absolutely love it’s interface.

Clicking on the task would reveal it’s usual details. Here, you can share the task with someone else using Task2Gather. Just mention his email address and voila! You are done. You can even assign a deadline to the task. Not only that, you can also add comments to the task, if you wish to.

Folks at VITO have created a very nice and functional date picker. One flaw I found is the inability to create tasks while I’m not online.  In reality, you cannot do anything with the Task2Gather when you are not online. If you are not logged in, you cannot even see the tasks which are due. I am very sure that VITO would address this problem in the upcoming versions.

You can also create subtasks. Creating subtasks is similar to the way one creates normal tasks. Just tap on the task and select “subtasks” from the top right corner of the applications. It follows a hierarchical method of arranging tasks, which is nice way to divide the jobs and tasks of the company based on the complexity and nature of the job.

Desktop version:

As mentioned earlier in this review, the desktop version is absolutely free. You can do everything you can do in the Windows Mobile versions and iPhone versions. Click on following screenshot to see it’s larger view

Task2Gather is a great application. I’ve made quite a few desktop applications in the past and I must say that it is a very nicely coded application. Everything is very swift and intuitive.


  • you can register on the device itself: This is a huge plus for the people on the go.
  • Great user interface
  • Real time synchronization of tasks.
  • Cheap, just $5 for windows mobile client
  • Free web interface
  • Support for comments in the tasks
  • Share tasks with someone else
  • Fluid animations


  • No notification option on the tasks that you have created.
  • Lack of offline support
  • No support of themes. I prefer the black theme used by the Winterface

Task2Gather’s windows mobile client is avaible for just $4.99 and Desktop panel is absolutely free

Visit Task2Gather website: http://task2gather.com/

Windows Mobile client direct link: http://task2gather.com/site/windows-mobile-task-management.html

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