User Reviews: HTC Touch HD

As the release date of the HTC Touch HD gets closer and closer, more and more people are actually able to get their hands on or acquire the Touch HD.

The device actually feels smaller than I thought, feels only slightly heavier than my Diamond and much lighter than my Pro.
The screen sensitivity for my finger is great, however it seems that I have to press harder with the stylus than on my Diamond.
I cannot prevent TouchFlo 3D from installing, soft-resetting before customization brings the device back in setup mode.
The screen and the size of the buttons are great for finger usage.
User Reviews HTC Touch HDThe device is faster than my Diamond and Pro, Touchflo 3D is really improved in terms of speed, however there is a lag when using the file explorer I didn’t had on my previous devices.
I really like the small led in the power button, indicating charging, Bluetooth, etc. No more irritating charging lights from the action button when the device is next to my bed.
All software I installed on my Diamond works on my HD (Spb products, Mobipocket, Pocketbreeze.)
There is a soft bag for protection of the HD. The good is that it doesn’t make the device much thicker. The bad is that it will not provide much protection, but it is nice that it is included.
The device comes with a 8GB microSD card (Sandisk class 2) :!:
TomTom navigator 7 is working perfectly. Better, no GPS lag
Loud speaker
No problem with the signal strength
UPDATE: read’s review here
One big let down is that there is no video out, which is available in Touch Pro and sound is no longer routed via the mini-USB ports. I don’t think there is a need for it as Touch HD provides fantastic sound via it’s 3.5mm headphone jack. People have reported that it’s sound is even better than the iPhone, which is a nice thing to hear.

Thanks to random reviews of people at xda-devs

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