The One Car Accessory Everyone Needs

Preparing for the unexpected is critical when you are on the road. Tires get flats, cars breakdown and accidents happen. Mobile devices go a long way in getting help in a short time when problems arise. People use their mobile devices for directions, locating assistance, calling friends and family or the authorities if an accident occurs, but a mobile device is useless if it has a dead battery. Having a portable power bank orcar charger gives you the power to get help during an emergency.

portable car charger

Choosing the Best Charger

Not all chargers are created equal. Reading the fine print can ensure your purchase meets your needs. Here are two important features to look at when choosing the best car charger for your device.


Some chargers are specific to certain brands of mobile devices, so it is important to look carefully and determine if it works with your phone. It can be obvious whether the cord is for an iPhone versus an Android phone by looking at it, but some chargers work better for specific phones or tablets. Just because a cord says it is universal does not mean it works optimally with every device. Even chargers with a USB port need to be designed according to your phone’s specs and need the cord provided with your device for best results.

2. Speed

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to charge your phone and having a charger that takes forever. This is especially problematic if you are in an emergency situation. Some devices allow for a fast charge but having the appropriate cords and power source is critical. Finding a charger that is intuitive to each of your devices gives you a quick charge while cutting down on the need for multiple chargers. The right charger can more than double the charging speed ensuring you a working device in no time.